How Much Is Your Girlfriend Costing You?

Girlfriends are great. They clean for you, do your laundry, have hot friends and they smell nice. But, any guy with a lady friend knows that these perks do not come free. Let’s take a look:

Occasion Cost per year
Date night ($50/night x 4 times/month)  $2,400.00
Flowers (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, etc.)  $90.00
Stupid matching Halloween costume  $80.00
Birthday  $100.00
Anniversary  $100.00
Sweetest Day  $13.99
Non-monetary (time with her Family, walking her dog, etc.)  $2,216.01
Grand Total  $5,000.00

Ok, we admit, this isn’t an exact science. Some women cost way more and some less, but the point is… chicks can break the bank. So, here are some tips on how to save:

    • E-Cards: early and often. You can get away with the e-card option but only if you make up for it with quantity – send cards more often. Don’t forget National Chocolate Chip Day May 15th. (What? It’s free…)
    • Steer clear of florists. Despite what the florist may tell you, their flowers WILL die within a few days. Instead of spending $49.99 on a fancy bouquet, go to your local grocery store and spend $10.99. Remember…it’s the thought that counts (just make sure you remove the price tag).
    • Groupons for dinner dates. If this is your first date then maybe skip the Groupon, but if not, they can be a great way to dine for less. Even for a spontaneous dinner, Groupon Now is a sensible option to find local deals on the spot. Hell, an even better option is to learn how to cook!
    • Get creative on gifts. Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean she always expects them. Sometimes getting her something that she really needs or that will help her with work/school can score you some major brownie points. If you’re not creative, ask her sister or friends… or hack her Pinterest account.

Remember, unless she’s only with you for your money (which is a separate topic), it’s the thought that counts. You can take care of your girl and still be practical.

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