Book Now! Tips To Flying Without Breaking the Bank

airportSo you procrastinated and did not book that flight home to see mom. And every day the airlines are raising prices so they can provide crappy service at a premium price. According to Travelocity airline ticket prices are up 9% from last year but don’t sweat it. Here’s 5 tips to minimize the pain on the plane.

1. Sign-up for lowfare alerts from sites like airfarewatchdog or farespotter. Airefarewatchdog pays people to track major airlines and make sure posted low fares are not just a ploy from the airlines to offer great rates for only a few seats.

2. Know key dates! According to December 19th is the “drop-dead” date you want to book before. Airfare prices get jacked up 30%-70% after this date until after the new year.

3. Plan to stop. Non-stop flights are about 20% more on average so you might as well pack a sandwich and add a few extra hours of travel time to save a few hundred bucks.

4. Follow the dreaded airlines on twitter. In a world of social media expect regular promotions being offered throughout the holiday season. @SouthwestAir, @UnitedAirlines, @VirginAmerica and @JetBlue are a few major players. If all else fails you can always tweet your complaints at them during your travel.

5. Clear your computer cache between airline searches. The topic is much debated but the down-low is that some believe airlines raise prices for those who have done multiple searches for the same flight. Don’t chance it, clear the memory!


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