Tips For Finding Cheap Sports Tickets This Holiday!

903802With the NFL, NBA, NHL, college football and college basketball all in season, it’s a great time to head to the stadium to catch a game. Although tickets for these events can get pricey, if you use some strategy and resources, there are bargains to be found.

If you’re dead-set on going to the game and scared of the risks associated with buying second hand, you can skip the service charge from sites like Ticketmaster or StubHub by purchasing directly from the venue box office.

If you’re looking for a great deal, the secondary market is the way to go. SeatGeek is a company that was started in 2009 and aims to be the for entertainment events. Where Kayak uses algorithms to scourer the web and aggregate ticket pricing data to help you find the best price on flights, SeatGeek does the same for sporting events, concerts, and shows.

When you search for a game, SeatGeek will compare prices across hundreds of sites and present you with a seat map with big and small green, yellow and red dots. These dots show you where you can find the best deals in the stadium: a big green dot over a section means there are good deals to be had; a small red dot means stay away. There is also a deal score out of 100 for each ticket so you can see how good of a deal it really is.

Heading to the stadium for a game doesn’t have to break the bank and with a little technology and a little work you can find tickets for cheap. Comment and tell us you tips for finding cheap tickets.

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