Playboy Founder Pops the Question! Did He Know the 3 Rules of Engagement?

hughPlayboy founder, Hugh Hefner & girlfriend, Crystal Harris reportedly obtained a wedding license Tuesday and this got us thinking. Whether you’re making minimum wage or worth millions of dollars, what are the legal ins and outs you should be aware of before popping the big question? Statistics do say this thing has a 50-50 shot of working out anyway. Check out our top three must-knows to C.Y.A. (cover you’re a$$) when it comes to engagement.

1. The State you live in matters! Some state legal systems see the ice you bought her as a “conditional gift”. That just means if she (or you for that matter) don’t follow through on getting married she has to toss the jewelry back to you, no questions asked. No marriage, no ring. Those states are: Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. If you aren’t living in any of those states, move there! Most other states are “unconditional states” meaning the ring doesn’t have to be given back. If something goes wrong you might as well kiss the ring, goodbye.

2. Don’t pick her birthday! Don’t leave room for the argument that the ring was legally considered “a gift”. I know what you’re thinking. It should be the best damn gift ever. But C.Y.A. and pick the day before or after to give yourself an out in the unlikely event of it not working out.

3. Common Law Isn’t What it Used to be. Many people use the excuse, “we live together so might as well do it, right?” WRONG! Despite a common belief, the medieval concept of becoming married as a result of time lived together has been abolished in most states. While having her onboard fulltime might mean a cleaner bathroom and better meals, cohabitation doesn’t necessarily = legally married.

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