Why Christmas Is the Best Week To Buy A House

snow houseSo you’ve thought about it, googled it and maybe even reached out to a realtor. You are considering buying a house but the timing just never seems right. Believe it or not you’re approaching the best time of year to make the upgrade. Here’s a few reasons why Christmas week is the best week of the year to buy a house:

  • Seasonality: Housing prices are generally at their lowest points of the year in December so you can take advantage of the natural rhythm of the market.
  • Less Competition: With all the holiday festivities going on, fewer buyers are on the hunt meaning demand is low. Less competition.
  • Quick to Close: Fewer homes are being sold over the holidays and that usually means it’s quicker and easier to get a deal done. Less time signing paperwork is better for all of us.
  • Banks Are Motivated: You could benefit from easier financing or even a better deal on financing from banks that are motivated to get sales done before  year-end bonus time.
  • Tax Benefits: any fees you pay to brokers or lenders can be written off on your taxes. Close that deal before the new year and your first months mortgage interest is also tax deductible.

If all else fails, people are generally a little more jolly around the holidays and may be more willing to ‘make a deal’ before the end of the year. Regardless, this time of year is a great time to look for a house – so, if you’re in the market, get on it!

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